When is the start date, holidays and end date for the Arabic and shariah course?

First day of classes are on Monday 21 st January 2019, last day of classes are on 29 th November
2019, holidays will be the first week of Queensland school holidays. There will be classes on
Public holidays.

What time the classes are on live?

The live session or walk in session will be two times:
a) Morning/full time (Monday to Thursday) – 8.20am till 1.00pm
b) evening/part time (Monday to Friday) – 7.00pm till 9.00pm (the times will be changing
throughout the year depending on the solah times)

Who are the lecturers?

There will be one main lecturer for both session, as for the support system where students will
be speaking to one on one or in small groups, Al Tadhkirah has up to 10 supporting teachers.

How do I access contents?

Students will be able to access the online classes and recorded content through the Al Tadhkirah website. Students will be given their own unique user name and password.

What support systems are in place?

At Al Tadhkirah, apart from having the classes recorded and available online, we are determined to ensure that all students becomes successful, therefore we will be allocating certain times throughout the day and week where students may call in to have their work clarified either through phone calls or a video calls. The teachers also travel frequently around Australia, which online students may have an opportunity to meet up and have a one on one class.

Are we supplied with the books and learning materials?

Once we have received your registration, we will be posting our course material directly to the students. It will include the Quran workbook, dictionary and textbooks.

What will I achieve from doing this course for the Quran translation course?

All students who successfully complete this course will have the ability to translate the Quran, but the full time students will get the opportunity to translate the entire Quran whilst the part time students will be translating 10 juz of the Quran.

How many years have you been running this course?

This course has been running in one form or another since its 2012, with the lead teachers even opening up courses in Cape Town, South Africa. visit http://daralturath.co.za/NewSite/

Why is it sometimes called Arabic and shariah course?

The purpose of the course is to translate the Quran with correct grammatical analysis, but the Quran is the source of our shariah and creed, so shariah is part and parcel of learning the Quran. This will only give you very brief and simplified understanding of shariah as the teachers will only be explaining the mutashabihah (allegorical) verses for the purpose of understanding the verse. The teacher will not go into detail.

Will I learn about fiqh, aqidah and other subjects in the Quran translation course?

If a student wishes to further their studies into specific subjects, they may do so after the completion of their first year of studies.

How much does it cost for the Quran translation course?

All of the courses (online and walk in for part time and full time)will cost $700 per term, for four terms. Registration is $200 for books and learning material.

Is there a concession for the Quran translation course?

Yes, if a student recommends another student to join the course, they will receive a 10% discount.

What is a live session and walk in session?

A live session is when a student joins the class while it is streaming online, whilst a walk in session is when a student physically attends the classes in location at Slacks Creek Mosque in Brisbane.

Can I do the Quran translation course in two years or more?

unfortunately for the time being, we are only offering the course which will run for one year, but a student may opt to do the course again if they wish so.

What will I receive at the completion of the Quran translation course?

At the completion of the course, Al Tadhkirah Institute will be hosting a graduation ceremony in Brisbane where the students will be awarded a certificate of completion, if the students are not able to make it to the graduation, a certificate will be posted to them.

Can i see samples of work and testimonies and product for the Quran translation course?

Yes, it is available for you to see at our website.

What payment method do you accept?

We accept paypal, credit cards, debit cards and bank transfer.

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