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Sheikh AbdurRaheem Haase


(formerly known as Codey Haase)
Despite Sh AbdurRaheem has been a Muslim for a short time, he has contributed immensely to the Muslim society through his leadership and community outreach programs. During Sh AbdurRaheem’s study in DUAI, he developed a love for Islamic Jurisprudence and legal theory. This passion and his love for the Arabic language has made him the coordinator of “Ask The Scholars” Q&A forum. Sh AbdurRaheem was the academic director and senior teacher at DTI.

  • Academic director and senior teacher at Dar alTurath al-Islami
  • Vice Principle and head of education at Al Tadhkirah institute
  • Chief coordinator of the revert and prison chaplaincy program
  • Coordinator of “Ask The Scholar” Q&A forum

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