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Sheikh Luqman Najib


Sh Luqman started his community education career by teaching at the Darra Masjid madrasah, then attained the role of the Principal at the then biggest afternoon madrasah in Brisbane, boasting over 150 students. While studying at DUAI, Sh Luqman became passionate about Islamic Studies and its preservation through education. During his stay in Cape Town, he was active with DTI as the fundraising and marketing coordinator, as well as the Principal of the Mitchell Plains branch.

  • Bachelor of International Business, Queensland University of Tachnology
  • Graduate diploma in Education, University of Queensland
  • Principal at Dar alTurath al-Islami (Mitchells Plain Branch)
  • Student of Maulana Taha Karaan of Darul Uloom Al Arabiyyah Al Islamiyyah
  • Secretary of Al Tadhkirah Institute
  • Principle at Darra Madrasah

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