The Quran translation course allows students to access the miracle of the Quran first hand. Students will delve into the grammatic subjects of Nahw, sarf and dictionary skills in order to acquire the necessary skills to navigate through the entire Quran confidently. After completion of any of the courses below, students are given the opportunity to delve into other Islamic sciences at a deeper level in their second year.
  1. Full time quran translating course – QTF This course is aimed at those who have a dying passion to fully understand the Quran and would like to find ways that they could share this love.
    1. This course allows for the students to translate entire Quran.
    2. Students are trained to serve the community from an early stage through leadership programs and performing jumaah solah.
    3. Student’s knowledge and understanding will be strengthened through teaching and supporting struggling students within the course.
  2. Part time quran translating course -QTP This course aims to give everyone the opportunity to understand and translate the Quran, but due to work and life constraints, are not able to commit to a full time study.
    1. This course allows students to translate 10 juz of the Quran, as well as the ability to translate anywhere else in the Quran confidently.
    2. To improve understanding, students will be doing group work, quizzes, and paired teaching amongst other things.
  3. Online Quran translating course – QTO This course allows those who do not live in Brisbane to have the opportunity to learn to translate the Quran, it allows them to connect with like minded students from around Australia.
    1. This course will allow students to translate 10 juz from the Quran, as well as the ability to translate anywhere else in the Quran confidently.
    2. This course will be live streamed from the part time Quran translating course, and the recording will be made available online.
    3. Not only will students be able to interact with the teacher live, there will be personal phone and video chat sessions to the students in order that the teachers has a true grasp of the students understanding.
  4. Full boarding Arabic and shariah course – QTB This course is for those students who feel they want to endeavor down the path of becoming an alim/scholar.
    1. This course replicates the true studying conditions in a traditional madrasah. Students will have to move to Brisbane.
    2. Apart from translating the entire Quran, the students will be given extra Arabic readers to diversify and strengthen their Arabic skills.
    3. Students will be doing many extra-curricular activities in order that they truly understand the Australian context and the need of our time. These include leading prayers, youth programs, teaching, and spiritual upliftment programs.
    4. This course is only for selected students who have passes an interview with the Principal of Al Tadhkirah institute.

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