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Sheikh Ikraam Buksh

Sh Ikraam has been a visionary in Islamic studies, specifically for the Australian context. After spending ten years studying at Dar al-Uloom Zakariqa and graduating in DUAI, Sh Ikraam returned back to Australia becoming an Imam for a total of fifteen years, as well as establishing afternoon madrasahs in and around Brisbane. Whilst teaching at the Australian International Islamic College, Sh Ikraam realised the need for Australian born scholars, so he started an Alim course with three students in Brisbane. Whilst in Cape Town, Sh Ikraam became the Director of Dar al-turath Al-Islami (DTI), spearheading a lengthy list of educational programs.
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Sheikh Luqman Najib

Sh Luqman started his community education career by teaching at the Darra Masjid madrasah, then attained the role of the Principal at the then biggest afternoon madrasah in Brisbane, boasting over 150 students. While studying at DUAI, Sh Luqman became passionate about Islamic Studies and its preservation through education. During his stay in Cape Town, he was active with DTI as the fundraising and marketing coordinator, as well as the Principal of the Mitchell Plains branch.
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Sheikh AbdurRaheem Haase

(formerly known as Codey Haase)
Despite Sh AbdurRaheem has been a Muslim for a short time, he has contributed immensely to the Muslim society through his leadership and community outreach programs. During Sh AbdurRaheem’s study in DUAI, he developed a love for Islamic Jurisprudence and legal theory. This passion and his love for the Arabic language has made him the coordinator of “Ask The Scholars” Q&A forum. Sh AbdurRaheem was the academic director and senior teacher at DTI.
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Sheikh Hakim Najib

During his studies of DUAI, Sh Hakim became greatly interested in the history and its effects on todays society. Sh Hakim became the principal of the part time Arabic and Higher Islamic education program at DTI in Cape Town. He has been active with community work since 2010 under Sh Ikraam at Darra mosque and continues to inspire youth and communities across Australia.

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